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Technology & Partners:



Application Development Service – Our expertise helps to design a road map for strategizing your business, and IT infrastructure subsidized with emerging technologies. The custom delivers the tools of technification to reduce risk. Even for the need to update your underperforming application, we are glad to provide you with the best upgrade apt for business. Application Development Service is a perfect fit for any B2C or B2B industry.

We develop:

  • Enterprise Application – Our application provides end-to-end support to core business processes. It facilitates real-time control over each operation like inventory, manufacturing, sales, finance, human resource with the incorporation of a single application.
  • Consumer Application – To bridge the gap between consumers’ expectations and your service, we design customised applications. With our expertise, you will be able to decode consumers’ needs at the earliest, in return for accelerated business growth.
  • Mobile Application – We are determined to deliver a smooth & synergistic user experience. With UX designing service, we help you to achieve exceptional user-friendly applications for your business needs.

Cloud Service – RIIM’s practitioners help you optimise your business results, and accelerate your growth with their expertise in cloud technology. As per your business needs, we help you deploy private, public, or hybrid cloud models. Make use of our expertise in AWS, Azure, Google, IBM for your cloud application and development service.

  • Cloud Migration – Along with customised model deployment, we are proud to provide a flawless modernised process.
  • DevOps in Cloud – To boost up your process of technification & magnification in terms of business growth, we make use of this service.
  • Managed Cloud Service – Practitioners help you achieve better control over your business operations by capitalizing on cloud platforms through our services.
  • Cloud Security – Certainly, we ensure robust security methods to shield your credentials.

AI Solution – Our industry experience & expertise helps you to embrace artificial intelligence to speed up, and sustain your business. This helps to reduce the time invested in complex decision making backed with flawless results-driven out of complex processes. Since time is money, saving them both no margin of error is the objectivity of our AI service.  Our partnership will help you make the right investment into the right scalable solutions and services to achieve success. Using valuable inputs from our clients, we help them leverage AI to unravel new heights of success.

Developing & deploying our AI solutions of a solid value proposition, helps our partners to upsurge both in quantity & quality of business. Thus, we exploit the power of AI to expand your business.

Data & Analytics – Reinventing your business values, is our core objective. Data & Analytics are the two of our devices, through which we achieve our objectivity. We acknowledge that data derives the core competencies of every business. And analytics helps to derive information from those data.

At RIIM, service helps our partners to collect and manage data to meet future demands. This helps them to reinstate their offerings and enjoy a strong foothold in the market. Our advisors put forward the best tech solutions to meet up the ingenuity of your workforce to build a strong foundation for your business. As the market research shows, the better the foundation the better is the possibility of innovation which leads to sustainable growth.

Blockchain – Our Blockchain solution offers our clients a frictionless business. This helps to manage, access and share data in real-time. Using this brings innovation in business processes like supply chain management, business models. This nullifies discrepancies in business operations.

As one of the promising technical business solution providers, we deliver a seamless integration of blockchain with your existing enterprise application & cloud service. Thus we bring the right combination for your unique business propositions, infrastructure & strategic vision.

IOT – In today’s business connectivity is the key to success. Internet of things (IoT), integrates data and with analytics deliver the most relevant information for the specified purpose. With the help of our powerful IoT tools, partners can study the pattern of consumer behaviour and modify their products accordingly.

Our IoT tools make you smarter in decision making, and prompt in execution of the same. With the help of these tools, partners will be able to do predictive analysis of future needs ahead of their occurrence. So, with our IoT service, enjoy the fast mover advantage to its fullest strength. Our service optimises your investment by prioritising consumers’ needs in absolute sync with your business strategies.

Cyber Security – We just don’t provide solutions, but in this age of digitalisation we ensure security custom to the specific needs of our clients. We work to identify and defend every possible cyber threat to your business. We use advanced intelligence to identify and nullify every cyberattack for your business operations.

Thus, build your trust in us to enjoy a safe & sound business.

IT Staffing – Not just the technification, we provide our partners with skilled staff for better functioning. With stringent internal assessment procedures, interviews and background verification, we create a pool of highly skilled prospective candidates. Not just that, our specialised recruiters’ further screen down the best from the lot to best fit in the work culture of our partners’ firm.

We specialise in catering to the staffing needs of IT professionals. Our expertise helps you to find the right talent with skill sets like software development, UX designing, mobile app development, Data Analyst and more technical wisdom. Not just that, our motto is also to find you the best workforce that is capable of delivering solutions at the quickest possible time.

Managed Services – What is a Managed IT Service? It is what we call outsourcing of IT functions to third-party service providers. We at RIIM, are glad to take care of all of your IT needs and address them effectively.

With our expertise of 8 years, we bear the responsibility of every nuance of IT requirements of the business firm 24*7. By responsibility, we just don’t mean the resolution of the existing issue, but also predicting the IT needs, and coining the most effective & efficient solution for the same. We proactively invest our expertise in developing strategic IT decisions for the firm and communicate them with our clients. So our managed service acts as a strategic IT consultant for the business to resist competition & gain sustainable growth.

Therefore, RIIM is the one-stop solution for every possible IT needs of varied industries at the best industry price.